Fighting for Our Future

From the time Matt was born in Stamford, he was taught that service to others was not just a high calling, but an obligation. That building a sustainable community that works for all is not just good policy, but what we owe our fellow citizens. That speaking out on behalf of the vulnerable is not just the right thing to do—it’s the bottom-line prerequisite for leadership.


That’s why, in 2008, Matt drove to the South Side of Pittsburgh, knocked on thousands of doors, and played a small part in electing a president. It’s why he joined the Marine Corps—regardless of his feelings about the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, Americans his age were fighting and dying in them. He chose to be an Infantry Officer and commanded a rifle platoon because the dirtiest, hardest jobs cannot be just for other people.


After returning from Afghanistan, Matt continued fighting for the vulnerable. While attending Yale Law School, he represented veterans who’d been unfairly and unlawfully discharged, deprived of respect and benefits. His work helped pass a Connecticut law reducing veteran unemployment by giving veterans civilian credit for their military job skills. His team fought for—and won—visas for an Afghan interpreter and his family, who were threatened by the Taliban because of his service with the U.S. military.


Today, as a trial lawyer, Matt represents people who have been injured by negligence and misconduct. He also helps supervise a Yale law clinic that fights the Trump Administration’s assaults against the most vulnerable Americans, the environment, and the rule of law.


And it’s why he's running for state representative. We need a new generation of leadership to bring hard work and fresh ideas to Hartford. 

This is a moment of great peril, but also great opportunity. Our values are under attack from Washington. But Connecticut’s future is in our hands. We must continue renewing our state so that our economy, students, and transportation systems are ready to meet tomorrow. 

Matt understands this. He will work tirelessly to ensure that Stamford, Darien, and Connecticut continue to be great places to live and work, and prepare our children for a bright, competitive future. He will reach across the aisle to forge solutions that ensure that our roads, rails, and bridges help cities like Stamford, and towns like Darien, attract the next generation and the businesses and technologies of tomorrow. And he will never compromise on our cherished American—and Connecticut—values. 


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Military information or images do not imply the endorsement of the U.S. Marine Corps or the Department of Defense.