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Matt has a record of building and leading teams made up of people with diverse backgrounds and beliefs—teams that get results. As a Marine Infantry Officer, he worked alongside and led Marines from all backgrounds, and united them to solve challenging problems. As an attorney, Matt stands up for people facing forces more powerful than themselves. Whether with the Yale Veterans Legal Services Clinic, the Yale Rule of Law Clinic, or as a trial lawyer fighting for victims of negligence and misconduct, Matt has partnered with a wide range of people and organizations to work for solutions in the public interest. 


Matt is ready to take on the challenges facing our state. He will listen intently to the needs of his constituents, work tirelessly to deliver solutions to their problems, and always fight for the best interests of Stamford and Darien. 



Matt believes that excellent public schools are essential to success in the competitive economy of the future. They benefit not just students, but their entire communities. Connecticut’s residents are among the best educated in the country—a strong incentive for businesses to come to our state. But much more must to be done. Matt will work for policies to strengthen our public schools and training programs so that they prepare today’s students for tomorrow’s jobs. 



Matt knows reliable, efficient, and accessible transportation is necessary for vibrant, connected communities and a strong economy. Affordable public transportation also attracts new residents, and, with them, new employers. That’s why Matt will push for legislation to update Stamford’s, Darien’s, and Connecticut’s public transportation, while ensuring that local input guides infrastructure policies and projects. 

Reinvigorating Connecticut's Economy 


Connecticut faces serious financial challenges. Matt will replace blame games and partisanship with new ideas and solutions. He is uniquely qualified to be successful. A member of the generation shaped by the Great Recession, he is fiscally responsible and personally invested in Connecticut’s future. He understands that small businesses drive Connecticut’s economy, and will work for solutions that give them the tools they need to thrive.


Matt believes our legislature should prioritize constituents, put aside partisanship, and ensure Connecticut’s future economic success. Taming our long-term financial obligations will require difficult conversations and hard thinking. Matt is ready to take on these challenges. He will invest in the areas necessary to promote growth: education, transportation, and small business creation.

Gun Violence Prevention


As a former U.S. Marine Infantry Officer, Matt is deeply familiar with firearms—and the damage they can do in the wrong hands. That’s why Matt will defend Connecticut’s existing gun safety laws and fight to eliminate loopholes that put the public and our children at risk.

Women's Rights


Matt is a feminist and fiercely believes women deserve the same independence, dignity, and recognition as men. As a result, Matt will fight alongside women to ensure their rights are equally protected under our laws.

Worker's Rights


Matt believes that strong protections for workers are essential for a secure and vibrant middle class. Matt will fight against legislation that would undermine workers’ rights and financial security.

Protecting the Vulnerable


Matt’s career has proven his constant commitment to protecting those most at risk. He will continue to fight for overlooked citizens in Hartford, whether they are veterans, seniors, persons with disabilities, immigrants, or victims of discrimination.

Matt_Immigration Rally 2.jpg



Matt believes that Connecticut can prosper only when its revenue is raised equitably. That’s why Matt will ensure that Connecticut’s fiscal problems are not solved on the backs of our middle class and working families. 

Public Safety & The Environment


Matt will keep Stamford and Darien safe places to live and raise families. He will fight for legislation that supports first responders, as well as other proven programs like Stamford’s responsible community policing initiative, which has helped make it the safest city in New England. 

Just as importantly for our community's long-term success and safety, Matt will work to fight climate change and keep Connecticut's air, water, and soil clean. Matt understands that protecting our environment is a crucial part of protecting our future, and will ensure polluters are held accountable for their actions. He will also work to promote green energy, so that the clean energy jobs of the future are located right here in Connecticut. 

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